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I am a doctoral candidate in Economics at the University of Toronto, specializing in Urban Economics and Industrial Organization. My primary research emphasis lies in Climate Policies, particularly those pertinent to Transportation.

CLIMATE CHANGE: This image is more than just mere clouds — it unveils the smoke from two raging wildfires that engulfed the area. The air hangs heavy, tinged with the biting scent of burning, obscuring the iconic, yet dry, Yosemite waterfall view. At the same time, the receding waters of the Hoover Dam murmur tales of drought, reaching lows unseen since 1937.

The crisis is here and now: the wildfires of 2020 and 2021 have consumed a fifth of the world's majestic giant sequoias. These ancient guardians, resilient through the ages, were decimated in what would seem, to them, the blink of an eye.

All of this while the ice of Antarctica is retreating in silence, offering once-in-a-millennia scenes, and the warm waters of Florida imperil the coral reefs so critical to our food chain.

These are the calls to action, a murky chorus growing louder with the urgency of the required action — a task that is not only critical but increasingly within the grasp of our collective means.

We took time to understand the realm of our impact, but now the time has come: we need to act.

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