PhD Student

I am a PhD student in Economics at the University of Toronto. My research interest are in Environmental & Urban Economics.

When I don't write about public policies, you can find me on a mountain nearby or exploring Toronto's bike lane.


CLIMATE CHANGE: In the image, it's not clouds; it's smoke. Two fires rage. The air was warm and had a bitter taste of smoke. The iconic Yosemite waterfall: dry. That week, the Hoover dam hit its lowest level since 1937. Thanks to five years of draught. Meanwhile,  Death Valley got flooded along Montréal due to torrential rain. Scientist estimate that the 2020-2021 fires alone decimate 13 to 19 % of the world's large giant sequoias. These mastodons live 3 000 years. In two years, we removed nearly 20 % of our most epochal trees. It's time to act. 

Enacting climate policies is my work essence. 

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